Introducing Kolkata to travelers

Kolkata is the capital city of the state of west Bengal. Kolkata is also regarded as the city of lights. The city features daily festival of human existence. Kolkata is the second biggest city. The vibrant capital is the blend of the cultural dance, art, music, poetry and theatre.  Kolkata is well connected to the capital of India. So plan your visit with cheap flights to Kolkata.

cheap flights to kolkataWhile on a tour with flights to Kolkata you must visit some of the famous places so that you can fill your bags with snapshots of happy memories.

Tantra:  Tantra is one of the most famous clubs in Kolkata.  You can rock and roll with your partner on the dance floor with contempory music.  You can even take the advantage of getting romantic with your partner and get the feel of titanic by standing on the observation bridge from where you can have a wonderful view of the city.

Flury’s: Flurry is place for youth to enjoy the great espresso and ice tea in the sunrise with the beautiful art décor. So must visit this place in the morning with your partner to admire the beauty of nature and the rising sun spreading its rays   with every sip of coffee that you intake.

Blue and beyond restaurant: It is a perfect place to dine in with your family and friends as it an open air rooftop restaurant with perfect picturesque scenery of the whole city. You can even plan out your romantic dinner to restaurant with your partner where moon would be spreading its light in the beautiful ambience.  Plan a trip with cheap flight tickets to image

Rabindra sadan: This place is worth a visit as the sadan features a theater hall and art house cinema for travelers to speculate. The place also showcases the beauty of dance, poetry, music and art.

Copper chimney lounge: smoke lovers can try out hookahs with 21st century ottoman bar. The lounge has well interior decor with shimmering curtains and amazing light effects. The place is mostly flooded with young people and smoke lovers.

Rocks: This place is a perfect where culture is well defined with local drinking culture and Bengali music. The place is perfect to explore the culture of this city. You will very well get amazed with the beauty of the culture.

Roxy:  Roxy is the place for contrasting people as there is contrasting mellow music and a retro fusion atmosphere.  The place is flooded with tourist and young people mostly on weekends due to its world class pub.


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