Get Wide Range of Domestic Flights-Best Airfare Guaranteed


We are India’s leading Air Ticketing Company operating in the market for more than ten years with poise and quality gratifying every travel enthusiasts’ with epitome crux. We are Flywidus. It was in 2003 when we started off our journey as a modest ticketing agency operating in the outskirt of Delhi. Our motto has remained constant since the inception and it reflects our dedication in making your trip turn into a memorable one.

It was in 2008 when India first initiated the aisle to online ticketing, better known as e-ticketing. Our founding fathers Mr. Vikas and Mr. Gurneet Sethi realized the potentiality of the latest trend and decided to enter the online platform with a bang. The journey from being Seven Seaz Tourz & Travelz to Flywidus has been a roller coaster ride going through ups and downs but with a steady mission to achieve. And after so many years in business and serving over thousands, we feel proud to be India’s leading travel agency and considered as a friend by most of the travel freaks!

We offer services on Air and Railway ticketing, Hotel Reservations, Holiday Packages and Procurement of Passport and Visa privileges. With us by your service you can very easily Book Domestic Flights for flying to any place within the country with simple and easy clicks! It is your satisfaction that motivates us to work better in gratifying your needful desires.

If you are an avid traveller and want to be in the best places of the world, set off and conquer. Our efficient tour planners and tour operators will always be there by you for taking you the height you wish to attain. You want it to be a perfect, memorable trip and that is what ‘Fly with us’ is all about. When we design your packages, we strive for perfection. We’ll create sure everything is as per your needs, from  Flight Tickets and Hotel Reservations to touring and trips. Put us to perform and we’ll go beyond ourselves to create your trip an memorable experience!


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